lisa taylor

Who is trixie?

“An enigma wrapped in abs”

Well, at least that’s what I’ve been told. Trixie is me. It’s a nickname a friend of mine gave me years ago and it stuck. Professionally, I’m a personal trainer. Athletically, I’m a duathlete, ultra runner and sometime triathlete, your basic adrenaline junkie. No more, no less.

I started a variety of sports at a young age.  Gained an interest in running during college in hopes of staving off the ‘freshman 15’.  Running turned into soccer and after tearing ligaments in my ankle during a game, I was told by my surgeon that running might not be in my future. He directed me toward biking.  I bought a triathlon bike because I thought they looked the coolest. I might as well do tris if I have the bike, right?  Well, I quickly discovered that I'm not a big fan of open water, so duathlons it is....with the occasional triathlon just to put the fear of God in me.

After my first year of duathlons I was challenged by another multi-sport athlete to do an Ultra marathon.  Since, I’ve done 15 ultras including one 100 miler and an Ultra Iron distance triathlon.

I soon discovered that the endurance training gives me a great base in which to start my multi-sport seasons.  So the two sports shall remain.

In the past six years, I've placed in every local and regional multi-sport event in which I participated. I’ve also fared well on the national and international stage.  Soon I plan to bring home medals from those competitions as well.

name  Lisa  (trixie) Taylor  

Residence  Michigan

Occupation Personal Trainer

2008 & 2010 USAT Team USA

2008-9 USAT MidEast Elite Team